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Nimbin Australia
Nimbin, Australia

Sending love arround the world from Nimbin Australia. Home
page of hippie Skye Summers.

RAASC Vietnam Association
Mildura, Victoria, Australia

Dedicated to the boys who served in the Royal Australian Army Service Corps during the Vitenam War.

Polish Homepages
Melborne, Australia
Poznan, Poland
(Houston, TX, USA
A collaborative work of four people of Polish origin.

Sydney Creative Resources Centre
Sydney, Australia
An alternative, New-Age, Spiritual, Personal Development, information network.

Tristan's Bit of Personal Space
Springwood, Australia

Collection of religious and educational links put together for the students of a high school teacher.

North America

Eagle River, WI
Eagle River portal site...

Maritime Tradition
San Francisco, CA
Cool site for ship repairs and more...

London, Ontario
Free "Peace" bumper stickers, peace links and more.

Silver Wheel of Stars
Gettysburg, PA USA
A place where many spiritual views and paths are represented, where members share inspirational stories and original poetry and drawings.

The Witches Cave
Baltimore, MD
A community on MSN comprised of people from all religious paths.

All About Pagans II
Cedar Rapids, IA USA
Pagan group...A place to call home for all those who follow the path.

Optimize Life Now
San Diego, CA
Tools, Strategies for peace

The Wholesome Family
Overland Park, KS USA
The Wholesome Family Web Page is dedicated to sharing as much of the joy as possible that comes from being in the light loving family. Please check out all that we have to offer!

Sugar Land, TX
The world is a beautiful place and so is what you have to say. Become a thinker, have an opinion. Let your mind wander off and see what is creates.

Trippy Chicks Place
Dallas TX, USA

humorous womens (men welcome) site, mp3's , men vs women humor, womens issues, osteoporisis, pms, relaxation, love, romance, freebies, web log, web rings, awards, i dream of jeannie, my adoptions, emotion men etc.

Denville, NJ, USA
Retro 60s and 70s products Plus New Age Gifts for young people All just a click away from your enjoyment! Over 500 items in 14 Categories. Come visit us.

Our Little Doorways to Heaven
Tulsa, OK, USA
Love story of a mature couple who met online, each committed to making peace with the opposite gender, and finding a corresponding partner. Inspirational poems and essays for inner peace.

Inspirational Fiction
New Smyrna Beach, FL, USA
Publisher of New Age/Metaphysical fiction which
entertains, enlightens and inspires readers of all ages.

San Francisco, CA, USA
All the information you need and angels to enable your path of spirit.

One World Heart Peace Project
Durham, NC, USA
Uniting the world in vision and prayer through the planting of symbolic seeds of peace, Peace Hearts, around the world. Peace begins with each of us, and as we claim inner peace, we become instruments of peace in our world. f we wish to restore peace on Earth, we must begin in our heart.

Edgewater Human Flag
Edgewater, NJ
The citizens of Edgewater, NJ-inspired by the unspeakable tragedy that was visable to all and the need to participate in a fund-raising event to help the families of its victims-- came together in a community effort to raise money for the victims of the September 11th attacks. Links to other pertinent sites

bootsphoto for Peace
Clinton, IA, USA
A site for Peace,activist,Music and musicians and more. What began as a music site,turned into a peace site for the world.Earth Allinace: people of peace. Dedicated to the effort worldwide...latest news..announcements..learning.for adults and teens as well.Poetry Pages..Children Pages..chat room and lots more.

Starlight Music Productions
Chicago, IL, USA
Dedicated to Music, Mysticism, Philosopy and Friends.

The World Peace Net
Spokane, WA
World peace net is the Internet presence of Ventures in Peace. VIP works for
world peace through social and economic development programs.

Jefferson, TX, USA
Religion, Poerty, Music, Philosophy

Asatru Knotwork
Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN
Tying together everything relating to the religion or faith of Asatru.

The Cosmic Kitchen
Olympia, Washington
Learn songs, listen to concerts, check out poetry and more

The Beatles Playhouse
Mt. Rainier, WA, USA
Site dedicated to The Beatles, who among other things, promoted love and peace.

Friends of Yasgur's Farm
Bethel, NY
Site contains links and Chat for the preservation of the Woodstock Spirit.

Carolyn's Universe World Peace
Houston, TX
Site of peace, serenity, beauty and personal growth.

Weaving My Dream
Redding, CA
Weaving a dream of peace and reverence for the human spirit.

Cosmic's Place!!!
Fort Wayne, IN
An eclectic journey through wonderous surprises.

Cyberplanet for Renewal
Tustin, CA
"Cyberplanet" exists in the hope that information technology will be used to renew mankind rather than become an instrument of its destruction.

Nurista's Niche
Mobile, AL
A personal site with poetry, peace, travel and more.

My Oregon Homepage
Bend, OR
Site promises thousands of pictures of Oregon, nature, outer space, music and more.

Digs of the Purple Turtle
Austell, GA, USA
High graphic, music and java content. Truth and understanding promoted here.

Nature Photography by Barbara Jordan
San Bernardino, CA, USA
Gallery full of beautiful wildlife portraits.

Looking For Someone? Find Them Here!
Red Bluff, CA
A one-stop place for finding persons, places and things.

Debi's Place
St. Louis, MO
Nice place for relaxing and finding other nice links.

British Columbia, CAN
Named for a journal authored by Dag Hammarsknold containing his negotiations with himself and GOD.

Wacky Crazy People
Cairo, NY
Site has many links for learning disabled plus new peace page entitled Let There Be Peace On Earth.

Starship Earth
Mountain View, CA, USA
A vision of light in sound where there are no hungry children and teachers get paid more than baseball players.

Essence of Paradise
Germantown, MD, USA
Provides the finest all natural "Wholistic". Wholistic means feeding the whole person, the Spirit within to the physical body.

Lacey, WA
Handicap Accessibility and Disability information for the handicapped, their caregivers, family and friends.

Clinton, MS
Poem about peace and a beautiful princess written for my daughter.

Friends of Peace Pilgrim
Hemet, CA
Friends of Peace Pilgrim is an all volunteer organization dedicated to spreading Peace Pilgrim's message. Her spiritual classic, Steps Toward Inner Peace, is freely offered to all peace seekers. Most cool, check it out.

Blue Moon Shopping Mall
Pinetop, AZ
Mall featuring Native American Arts and Crafts as well as gourmet and natural foods, vitamins, ecologically friendly products to enhance your life.

The Rapp Family Home Page
Tampa, FL
A family home page with links for Caribbean travel, environmental concerns and games. Cool content on Everglades and several endangered species.

John's Page of Valuable Links
Nanaimo, British Columbia,  Canada

Page of Links to addiction and recovery related sources. Also offers online counseling via email.

Creative Desktop Publishing
Lompoc, CA
Personal Home Page of Pamella Yttri

School of Spirtual Integrity
Boulder Creek, CA,  USA
Articles and courses on a variety of metaphysical topics. Emphasis on Kabbalah. Goal: "Harmony of Life Through Oneness".

My Bastian of Solitude
Marshall, MN,  USA
A nice spot with midi and the desire to leave a legacy of peace initiatives on the Web.

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Globevote is requesting the United Nations to call referendum on nuclear disarmament. A world-wide network of universities, communities and other organizations.

Anonymomma's World
Dana Point, CA, USA

Art, music and giggles brought to you by the lauging woman with a bag on her head.

The Rainbow Maker
Silver City, NM, USA
The Rainbow Maker creates natural rainbows as large as 2000 feet across in support of global unity and peace.

John's Page
Albany, NY, USA
Dedicated to healing the lost connection between people and the earth.

Evolving Artists Support Page
Raritan, NJ, USA
Articles, Art Gallery, Resources, supporting artists on their path toward fulfillment as both creators and people.

Psychedelic 60's Home Page
Providence, RI, USA

Dedicated to the 60's. Grateful Dead, poetry and more.

The Sacred Feminine
Bellevue, WA, USA

Healing the Earth, healing ourselves.

The Realm of The Godess
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Information of wicca and wolves. A statement of love and understanding.

Welcome to Avalon
Frederick, MD, USA

A Pagan ecology minded gathering place.

Dog Gone Locate
El Segundo, CA, USA

Lost dog service, free classifieds and Goddog spiritual services for all creatures.

Gratefully Deadicated
Cumberland, MD, USA
The Grateful Dead: album reviews, facts and useful links.

The Three Wise Men
Las Vegas, NV, USA

The three wise men will give anyone advice on how to live life.

Granny's Garden
Hopkins, SC, USA

Granny's Garden is devoted to World Peace, Brotherhood and Family Values.

The Hippie Haven
Rochester, MI, USA

Lots of cool hippy stuff and links.

San Francisco, CA, USA
Mainly about San Francisco. Also contains author's interest in peace, poetry, music and New Age.

The Time Traveler
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Fun and insightful, highlighting the past, present and future.

DebraTeachout-Teashon Impressionist Photography
Marysville, WA, USA

Discover the art of photography and love for creatures great and small.

Holly, MI, USA

The source of the perpetual peaceday with positive identification.

Kathleen B's Home Page
Salisbury, N.C., USA

Safe links for teachers, kids, cooks, travelers and more.

The Reggae Pulse Newsletter
Ontario, Canada

Promotes Reggae Pulse, a monthly newsletter of African and Reggae music in the Los Angeles area.

Flint, MI, USA

Just a peaceful spot on a journey to peace, enlightment and spiritual balance.

Writeria Saryanja
Greensboro, NC, USA

Writing resource center providing links to some of the best literary sites to create an on-line community of writers.

Marge's Favorite Things
Nashville, TN, USA

Things that delight: aromatherapy, recovery, teddybears and laughter.

Brad Genereaux
Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

Brad's home page.

Gaia* Friends
Pittsburg, PA, USA

Dedicated to spiritual awakening, personal transformation and planetary evolution in light and love.

Foodog's Homepage
Columbia, SC, USA

Site represents peace.

Rosie Mailing List
Tuscaroro State, PA, USA

Rosie O'donnell mailing list page.

Joy's Paranormal Paradise
Mchenry, IL, USA

A spiritual, musical and graphical abode for happy vibrations.

Spirit to Spirit
Loveland, CO, USA

A wealth of material for the spiritual traveler, including daily newsletter, interactive guidance page, free "Sacred Self" reading, affirmations, webzine, mega-links and more.

Tommy and Judy's Creative Lounge
Kennesaw, GA, USA

Sharing our hearts with the internet world. Trying to invoke a positive influence on guests.

Of Quaser's & Quanta
Eugene, OR, USA

Fascinating tour of the universe with emphasis on the convergence of medern science and ancient mysticism. Intriguing discussion and beautiful image galleries.

On Creation
Roseville, CA, USA

Metaphysical and cosmological poetry, writing, and ideas. For all systems-busters.

Goodwin Corner
Clarksburg, W.VA USA
For I believe.....in Someday...

Postal Phreak's Homepage

Wacky page, image gallery, peace page and more.

Meet Meade's Muse
Fort Collins, CO, USA

Fun links, things to make you think.

The Prairie Peace Park
Lincoln, NE, USA
Where children's visions come to life.

Library of Wisdom
Denver, CO, USA

Links to other metaphysical, spiritual and peace related sites.

Writings & Ramblings of C. Doelle
Houston, Texas, USA

Gems from the creative mind of Chris Doelle. Artwork, poetry and prose.

A Resting Place
Scottsdale, AZ, USA

A place for spiritual rest and self-help. A place to ask for help and reach out to others.

Circle of Light
San Diego, CA, USA

Psychic counseling channeled by three angels, free monthly drawing, free astrology charts, healing/prayer circle, hypnosis and message.

Chicago, IL, USA

Sharing inlove and light, linking to the Dalnet IRC channel #ShadowStar.

Woodstock69's HomePage
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Links and info on the Counter Culture.

Peace Warrior's Homepage
Essex, Vermont, USA

Collection of words of peace in over 140 languages.

Natalie's Homepage
Cincinnati, OH, USA

A haven for nice people, hopeless romantics and silly people.

L F Z Studio
Sandwich, IL, USA

Original works by abstract artist whose medium is oil on plastic. Hidden link to win print.

NASA's Proposal for the Environmental Crisis
Vancouver, Canada

A unique and total solution to the environmental crisis, proposed by NASA in 1980.

Kiddie Clads Children's Apparel
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Gifts for new-borns to toddlers and up.

Richardson, TX, USA
Quality health and nutritional products to enhance your life . Links to research on herbal ingredients also listed.

Taste O'Thompson
Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

Dedicated to peace through extending our concern to all creatures

World Peace Day, November 17th
Miami, FL, USA

Learn what to do on World Peace Day! You can also send email to the troops in Bosnia, or to the President of the United States, Vice President, Congress or the House of Representatives. Chat in the "Peaceful Discussions" webboard and more.

People For Peace
Roosevelt, NJ, USA
Spreading a message of compassion and peace.

Poems, Pleasures & Promises, etc.
Wauseon, OH, USA

A fun, bright, cheerful and happy site.

Peaceful Skye
St. Cloud, FL, USA

A tribute and a prayer for global unity.

Vision Quest Studios
Clovis, CA, USA

Fine arts offerings, Vision Quest and Destiny Portraits, psychic paintings.

Long Beach, CA, USA

Writings, teachings for personal growth and development, awareness and enrichment for every age and every personal path.

Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run
Forest Hills, NY, USA

World's largest torch relay invites you to carry the Peace Torch-a million participants in 70 nations.

Peace-Related Web Sites
Columbia, MO, USA

Links to web sites dedicated to the promotion of peace.

Peace * Love * Light
Fayetteville, AR
Gwynda's page promoting peace.

Angels and Ascended Masters
Philadelphia, PA, USA

A New Age center involved in consciousness raising.

Art and Peace
Columbus, OH, USA

Peace themes in art.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Stereoscopic 3-D art-based entertainment, information site. World's largest collection of stereographic fine art.

Marc Zicari-English
Rochester, NY, USA

Intended for English teachers with links to literature and writing pages.

Sandown, NH, USA

North American Bird Indentification Guide

Grippy and Cormo's Idea Plays
Philadelphia, PA, USA

A variety of royalty free plays. They teach science, tell Medea's story from her point of view in which she did not kill her children and more.

Reaching Out
Huntsville, AL, USA

Understanding comes when people get to know each other. An attempt to introduce people and ways that vary.

Lois June Wickstrom Home Page
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Children's and science fiction author. Good stories, poems, essays,
and recipes.

Kenneth Poteat's Home Page
Sarasota, FL, USA

Scooter's Place
Kent, OH, USA

Michele Ross's Home Page

Seeger's Art
Casper, WY, USA

Traditional, classical realism in oils & computer-assisted art. Links to sites promoting global understanding and friendship.

Internet Discount Club
Valley Center, CA, USA

The Internet's largest discount membership club supplying high quality merchandise.

Millennium Art Gallery
Columbus, OH, USA

Providing an exchange of ideas and concepts as we enter the 3rd Millenium.

The Least Imperfect Path
Chicago, IL, USA

Spanning over thirty countries, insightful perspectives of a world undergoing change.

Community OnRamp
Atlanta, GA, USA

Non-Profit organization whose mission is to close the gap between those on and off the information highway.

Creativity Cafe
San Francisco, CA, USA
New School for the Next Millennium. Featuring art and technology for a better world and better humans.

Earth Echo
Framingham, MA, USA
Art reflecting earth's spirit. Enjoy a peaceful moment at this online art gallery.

WOW Zone
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Wish Only Well. Develop an attitude of peace and goodwill.

The Peace Page
Concord, CA, USA
Tips for creating peace within your own heart.

Atlanta, GA, USA

A personal home page of one who thinks world peace is a good idea.

Future Queens of the World
Janesville, WI, USA

Ever wish you could run the world? Be queen for a day?

The United Planetary Federation
Chicago, IL, USA

World Peace organization promoting the unification of the world peace effort.

St. Joseph Peace Mission
Richmond, KY, USA
A non-profit humanitarian aid organization providing assistance to refugees in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia.

Positive Place
Positive Places on the net, full of useful links and quotes!

Universal Software
Lakewood, CA, USA

Specializes in New Age shareware & freeware. Links, drawings, downloads & more!

Cranes Peace Page
Seattle, WA, USA

Contains educational links about the book, "Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes" and links to various projects that are collecting paper cranes. Deep and beautiful!

World Peace Web
Cape Cod, MA, USA

Dedicated to furthering peace, love, justice and universal harmony among all living things on Earth.

Children's Book Star of the Month
Westfield, MA, USA

Featuring a different children's book each month by children's author Haemi Balgassi and family.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Music company promoting universal peace. New CD releases and more.

Psalm Records
Psalm Records is an independent record label established with a goal of releasing roots reggae music!

Endrun Electronic Publishing
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
'Beyond the Winter' and 'Child of Chaos' are available online and the first chapters are free for the reader!

Web Perception
Santa Rosa, CA

Dedicated to bringing your business onto the Internet professionally and economically.

Eugene, OR, USA

Online construction resources for the Pacific NorthWest.

3D Webscapes:
Rohnert Park, CA, USA
Great backgrounds & animated gifs with assortment of Peace '96 graphics.

Digital Damage:
Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Award-winning art gallery featuring sculpture, photography, and painting by Robert Hirschi. Lots of great quotes!

Digital Arizona:
Cottonwood, AZ, USA
Judy Hines travel guide to Arizona; free Arizona graphics, art gallery, poetry.

DSBM, LC Marketing Home Page
Boca Raton, FL, USA

Providing a full range of marketing services for business and commerce.

Automated Entertainment
Burbank, CA, USA

Great 3D website by a manufacturer of 3D stage lighting.

21st Century Renaissance:
Beautiful, well designed site full of inspirational ideas and articles.

KozmoSpace; Personal Internet Gateway:
New London, CT, USA
Jeff Kosokoff's home page. "I will see peace whenever I explore the web!"

Engaged Peace:
Kula, HI, USA
Lesslie William's beautiful & informative site, full of enlightening articles & great world peace links!

Earth Portals:
San Francisco, CA, USA
Deep site featuring new transformational ideas and products concerning the direction of mankind into the 21st century.

The Meditative Cat
Long Island, NY, USA
A full screen Mandala, celestial art, and some very photogenic felines brought to you Monday Canivan, the cat.

The Premonition Toy
Port Orchard, WA, USA
Family-friendly site featuring original poetry, art work, music and links.

Gloria's Court
New York, NY, USA
Medieval joys and culture. Also home of the Crusade for Class Acts on the web.

WHRN Learning Center
Eugene, OR, USA

A FREE Adult Continuing Education Center. Check it out!

enGAGE for Success
Huntington Park, CA, USA

Gage Middle School is flowing in the Learning Stream. The site shows off the wonderful learning projects in which its students enGAGE.

Lifestream Center
Los Angeles, CA, USA

A non-profit, on-line source of enlightenment, encouragement and inspiration to all who care to partake of its offerings.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
French site created by Suzanne & Carlso for sharing ideas of human concern. Personal texts, poetry, graphics, midi music and quests of consciousness.

Wireman & Bondie Getting Wired!!!
Sherman, TX,  USA
A site devoted to missing children with a bonus -- a background download page.

Elly's Slice of Cyberpie
Ventura, CA,  USA

A personal homepage dedicated to education, enlightenment and entertainment in a wide variety of areas.

Geronimo's World
Prescott, AR,  USA

A growing site of peace links and personal beliefs on the subject.

IWPO's Official Internet World Peace
Silver Spring, Maryland,  USA

Peace on earth, this is our dream, help make it real.


Sao Paulo, Brazil

WelD for a better WorlD


Beyond The Mists Of Magick
Yorkshire, Britain
A hate-free zone.

Mididoc Productions
Montferrier, France

Mididoc is offering the Songs and Lyrics of Nightmessager. We've been making music since the good days of the 60ties and we are still alive. Peace (/|\)

For Peace
Berlin, Germany
About me, help for children, animals, pets and nature. For peace, freedom and friendship, against power, abuse,
pornography and war.

Polish Hippy
Warsaw Poland
Astrology; find out who you may have been in your past life; check out homegrown recordings; photos from the 60s and other bogus, far out, mind boggling retro stuff like that.

EarthSong 2012
Shropshire, UK
Assisting and developing all in search of answers and direction.

Secret Soul of the Wild Dragon
Luxembourg, Belgium

Site dedicated to the author's likes such as dragon guides, guardian angels and other things that touch her.

Sue's Pages
Herefordshire, UK

Site contains info on astrology, bioryhthms, ESP and lots of Bob Dylan stuff.

Archery and ... other!
Rome, Italy
Site devoted to the love of archery or in the words of the site's author, "pagine dedicate agli arcieri dilettanti ed a coloro che desiderano avvicinararsi al tiro con l'arco."

The Green Man
Maribo, Denmark
A philosophical page about nature with references to peace.

Lund, Sweden

A NEW WORLD is an organization for world peace who believes that there can be peace on earth if everybody realises that we all have a lot in common.

Make Love Not War
Hyltebruk, Sweden
A site with peace links and a few pictures of victims of war. A site dedicated to Peace '96

Mark Online
Groningen, Holland

Online gallery of Mark's artwork made at Minerva academy of media-art.

Peace, Love & Microchips
Sandes, Rogaland, Norway

Organization that wants to forward Peace and Love through Microchips.

Buddhism: the most tolerant religion...?
Rogaland, Norway

Peace to all Beings. Buddhism is a family of religions and philosophies. The world grows smaller daily, and as Western thought and science is studied throughout the East, so Eastern thought and its older science of the mind increasingly invades the West.

Stavanger History Guide
Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway

Contains the famous "Shir Ha Shalom", the song of peace, as sung by the late Mr. Rabin. Just sing a song for peace.

Dolphin Island Greenware N.P.O.
Brussels, Belgium
A Non Profit Organisation with many friends in Cyberspace.

Helsinki, Finland
Prolonging the life of cetaceans as a species.

Pacific Planet - Action Group
Cagliari, Italy
Mission is to build a stone monument to testify the will for peace at the New Millennium.

The Great Globe Gallery
Poznan, Poland

A graphical collection of different views of our Planet Earth on projections, thematic maps, satellite images, spinning globes, movies, icons, artistic visions, and more! Great site!

Christian Union at Queens University
Belfast, Ireland
Online site seeking to promote greater understanding.


Bilingual site featuring several links.

The Spiritual Pages
Ttrecht, The Netherlands

Pages containing links and info on vegetarianism, human rights, environmental protection, religion and spiritual matters.


Kids Drawings For Peace
Kiryat Motzkin, Israel

World wide project of kids drawings to promote peace around the world.

Happy Valley Guest House
Katmandu, Nepal

Happy Valley is the premier guest house at the Great Stupa in Boudhanath.

Mandala's Homepage
Shomrat, Ashrat, Israel

Living from the Centre symbolized by the Mandala, visualization of the Cosmic Law.

lovesmile broadcasting network
Kukuchina, India
creating a web of interconnected transmission stations and broadcastiong radiant lovesmile vibrations throughout the greater milkyway area.

New Delhi, India

Ajoy Bhatia's public home page. Links to schools, employers and interests.

Peace in Pictures
Jerusalem, Israel

Presenting Pictures in Peace sent from from all over the world!

UMUT Foundation
Ankara, Turkey

Umut Foundation is a non-profit foundation working for peacebuilding, peacekeeping and conflict resolution in Europe, the Middle East and Balkans.

Jeremiah's Home Page
Hong Kong

Religious studies student in Hong Kong Baptist University.

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